Terms and conditions

  • Samara Company shall determine the duration of the auction and the bidders shall be informed of the date of opening and closing the auction.
  • Those who wish to bid shall have the right to inspect the cars offered for sale during the auction period only and not after closing the auction.
  • In order to be able to bid on this auction, please pay the amount in (3000 SR).
  • The loan will be refunded in the event of failure to win the car, which has been auctioned only.
  • Deposits will not be refunded in the event of a decline in payment of the full value of the winning car by the bidder within three working days plus 5% VAT and bring the payment receipt or certified check.
  • The maximum date for payment and receipt of the pledge is three working days from the date of announcing the result of the bid. Samara is entitled to cancel the result of the auction for the unpaid car / cars and to confiscate the deposit and offer it for sale again in the manner that Samara sees fit for it.
  • The winner is not entitled to cancel the purchase after payment.
  • The winner shall bring the official sales by the number of cars won by the stamped from the exhibition issued by the salesmen and written by the name and identity and the buyer's signature.
  • The winner has the right to withdraw the car / cars from Samara and receipt of the forms after payment and the signing of Samara on the sales and the signature of the winner on the receipt paper and added to the system has been.
  • Samara has the right to cancel the insurance of the car / cars after the winner withdraws from Samara.
  • Samara has the right to take the necessary action in case the transfer of ownership has not been carried out for more than 5 days from the date of withdrawal of the cars.

The cars will be sold in their condition to the buyer and the latter should make sure of the condition, quality and quality of these vehicles. Samari is not responsible for any visible or hidden defect in the car after inspecting the car and paying the price.