Why choose us

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your car, and you’re taking a look at some of the firms that offer a similar service.

What sets Mebuycar.com apart from the others? Good question. This page should give you the answers:

We offer the quickest, easiest service around

Our focus is entirely on making sure the sale is as stress-free as possible for our customers. We want you to enjoy the process, and to end up feeling delighted with how things went.

And, of course, for you to be happy with the payment you received for your car.

Why is our system easier? Well, because of our 1-2-3 process. You can read more about this on our ‘How it works’ page, but the quick version of it is this:

  • Step One – You fill in our online form or call us, and give us the details of the car you want to sell.
  • Step Two – You bring that car to us so we can give it a quick inspection.
  • Step Three – We complete the sale and you get paid.

It’s that simple. Three steps that take almost no time at all. Indeed, we aim to ensure that your appointment is booked within seconds of your initial call, or of you filling in the form.

Selling a car should be quick and easy, and that’s exactly the service Mebuycar.com pride ourselves on delivering.

We don’t charge admin fees

Worried that there will be some stealthy hidden costs buried in the paperwork?

That’s understandable: some services are a bit too good to be true. However, that’s not how we work.

Mebuycar.com don’t charge admin fees. It’s that simple. You sell us the car, and we pay you. No sneaky extra costs. Even if we decide not to buy the car – and that’s rare - our inspection service is still completely FREE.

No obligation, no pressure, no charges. Just an easy service designed to help you sell your car as quickly and easily as possible.

The process is 100% Guaranteed

We offer instant payment

Once the sale’s all agreed, you get paid straight away. No hanging around, no masses of paperwork.

We just pay you. Via check, cash or bank transfer; whichever you prefer.

You can return home in our supplied taxi service with the money in your pocket.

Get in touch today

If you’re ready to start making money from your car, pick up the phone or fill in our online form, and we’ll get right back to you with an appointment.

Choose Mebuycar.com, and sell your car the easy way